5 Minute Movie Guy
has arrived! It’s been a long ride from Weebly, but after two years, I’ve taken the train to WordPress. While I’m undoubtedly going to miss my Weebly website, I feel that this will be a welcome change that is going to provide me with more flexibility and a much wider reach. Plus I can still archive my old site content from Weebly (click here to see it), so it won’t be lost forever.

My new mission (and I choose to accept it) is to infiltrate and secure and fortify a position here, using regular content, reviews, and videos. I will actively seek and acquire important pieces of movie intel that will be shared here and through social media. You can access any external 5MMG intelligence by following me on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, I will keep you informed of my own personal thoughts and mission progress via periodic blog posts.

My fellow agents, I look forward to starting this mission together. Now let’s get to work!

5 Minute Movie Guy

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