This month marks 2 years since I first embarked on the journey of 5 Minute Movie Guy. Ah, what an exciting time that was! All of my time spent planning and conceptualizing my initial idea was finally formulating into my very own website! Even though my site debuted with only a few pages, it was still a thrilling experience to lead a new adventure.

Prior to launching my website, I had never written a movie review, and had only the slightest amount of website experience. All I knew was that I was a competent writer, and that I had a love for movies that I wanted to share with others. In my day-to-day life, I would often try to talk at length about films to family and friends, but struggled to find an audience that was as enthusiastic about movies as I was. Therefore, it seemed only fitting to put my passion to paper (or more appropriately, Microsoft Word) and publish my own pieces on the Internet where they would hopefully be found by fellow film enthusiasts.

Here’s a look at the old home page!

Looking back now, two years later, I can say that I’ve learned a lot from this endeavor, even if most of it’s come through trial and error. While I feel my website has had periods of moderate success, I have been unable to sustain it. Unfortunately, I think that can primarily be attributed to a lack of trying and a reluctance to innovate. I’ve failed to adapt as needed and my level of commitment has been embarrassingly inconsistent.

My old review page on I always really liked how I had formatted that page.

In all, my experience as 5 Minute Movie Guy has undoubtedly been a humbling one. While I’ve enjoyed plenty of success in my life, particularly in academics, I look upon my website now as a hard-hitting failure. One of missed opportunity and misguided effort. I could choose to simply walk away from it and put it all behind me, but I am not going to allow myself to do that while knowing full well that I still haven’t given it my best shot.

As I transition to WordPress, I hope to reclaim my early enthusiasm for creating my own brand, while using the knowledge from my experience to expand my efforts, to broaden my base, to explore new avenues, and to face my fears in order to introduce you to the real man behind 5 Minute Movie Guy. So here’s to new beginnings, and to going all in!


5 Minute Movie Guy

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