For the better part of 10 years, I have upheld one, and only one, annual movie tradition. Each year, from July 2nd to July 4th, I celebrate our 4th of July holiday by watching one of my all-time favorite movies, the 1996 summer blockbuster Independence Day!


What better way to celebrate America’s independence than with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as they thwart an alien invasion and save the day? With some truly great action and comedy, some of the coolest aliens ever created, the always-entertaining real-life-nut-job Randy Quaid, and one of cinema’s finest movie speeches, you’ve got a recipe that rivals any 4th of July backyard barbecue!


Of course, I realize that a lot of people already watch Independence Day on the 4th, but my tradition does things just a little bit differently. You see, the film itself is distinctly broken up into three days. July 2nd is the day of invasion; July 3rd is the aftermath of the attack; and finally the film concludes with July 4th, our American Independence Day, as the day of Earth’s last stand and retaliation against the threat of global annihilation.

As per my tradition, I watch the film over a span of those three days, watching each day’s segment as it corresponds with our real life calendar. Considering how well the film is divided, I think this viewing method is an ideal way to watch it. Each day has a strong conclusion and a dramatically different tone, and this is only further emphasized by watching it in parts. I encourage all of you to try it out for yourselves.


Seriously, it’s kind of cool to jump right into July 4th with President Whitmore’s stirring speech, especially after having spent two days gradually building up to it. It’s a great way to kick off anyone’s 4th of July! Plus, I personally think the best part about my three-day tactic is that you get the full pay-off of the film, without having to devote the film’s whole two and a half hour run-time to your already busy holiday schedule.

So there you have it. Now you know my special holiday movie tradition. I hope you’ll give it a try some time and will join me in spreading this unique way of viewing this classic film. Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!

5 Minute Movie Guy


    • Thanks, thequantumranger! You should try it out next year. I wanted to do a more detailed analysis of why it works so well to break it down by day, but decided it was too much for one post, so I may do it in a new post sometime in the future. Anyway, I really appreciate you reading and commenting! Thanks so much!

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  1. Great post! Also very interesting! I grew up with Independence Day and I love the film. But your method of seeing the film is pretty unique!


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