This was the most rewarding and flattering feedback I ever received since starting my website, and it came from a complete stranger. Imagine that! Thank you, Sabrina, for your thoughtful post. I am truly forever humbled and grateful!

– 5 Minute Movie Guy

Movies and T.V. of 2017

I recently discovered “ 5 Minute MovieGuy” and realized I have a web crush. His abundance of honesty and lack of bias is what I would conclude every blogger’s intentional perception. We try to be honest without hurting other’s feelings. In that process, we end up losing traction on our review and deal with the aftermath of an unconcluded opinion. Also, his ability to be honest and entertaining is just another reason to why I can not stop reading his reviews.


Quick Info: “5 Minute Movie Guy” was originally on Weeblyand decided to make the transfer to WordPress. Even though it took him two years to join the WordPress community it certainly did not affect his writing. If you would like to see any of his reviews prior to the move he has them saved to his first post. He has a wide range of reviewed movies…

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